About us

We provide creative solutions to our global clients.

LakMobile is a technology company that utilizes state-of-the-art mobile and web technologies to develop standalone and real-time applications that are required by the industry. We are specialized in developing both web and real-time location based mobile applications in native Android and iOS platforms. Our expertise in mobile technologies has given us a tremendous opportunity to position ourselves at the forefront in the arena of mobile and application development globally.


Mobile App Development, Native & Flutter Apps
Mobile & Web App Development

We are specialized in developing dynamic and cost-effective mobile & web apps for enterprise customers across the globe in diverse fields of interests. We believe in delivering services on time and in best quality.

API Gateway Integration Solutions by lakmobile
API gateway solutions

Provides flexibility to use independent protocols for microservices to communicate among themselves with ease and allow developers to access the functionality of a subset of architecture in many different ways, without ever exposing the endpoints publicly.

AI & Machine Learning
We develop AI & machine learning applications to gather insights and make interpretation of big data. This allows businesses to identify customer patterns & trends, product recommendation, make predictions, diagnostics, information search, etc.
IoT device Integration

Connect IoT devices to the cloud using standard protocols and develop cloud-based applications to monitor device parameters in real time. Connect to other technologies such as smartphones, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri or the IFTTT system.

Taxi Apps

Enterprise grade taxi booking and dispatch system with auto and manual dispatch of cabs. Mobile apps for passengers, drivers and corporate customers. VOIP call centre for efficient customer service.

AWS Cloud Solutions

Businesses are rapidly migrating and moving towards cloud-based architecture anticipating scale. As an AWS technology partner, we can assist you to scale-up your business by leveraging advanced cloud solutions provided by AWS.

Delivery platforms

Streamline your delivery service with mobile app for delivery persons and real time tracking. Whether it be e-commerce, logistics, fleet management or transportation, a delivery platform minimizes resource idle time and maximize fleet usage.

PBX and Call Centres

VOIP call centre solution minimizes idle time of agents with real time performance reports. Our system is based on VICIDIAL platform that can accommodate thousands of agents.

Step by step work process

We adapt tailored agile model that is suitable for an iterative-incremental development approach, where each sprint will be of three to four weeks. We use JIRA and Bitbucket to manage all our software projets.

Step 1. Requirement Analysis

All the requirements captured in this stage will be frozen and client sign-off obtained prior to design and development.

Step 2. Design

The system will be designed to comply with the functional requirements identified in the previous phase.

Step 3.Development, Testing and Verification

Effective completion of the previous stages is a key factor in the success of the Development phase

Step 4. Implementation

This is initiated after the system has been tested and accepted by the users. The system is deployed support the intended functions of the client.

Our Projects

Sri Lanka Telecom Self Care Mobile App

The self care mobile apps allow users to manage their voice and data connections including settlement of bills

Ride Hailing App

This enterprise grade ride hailing software combines everything from auto dispatch to manual assignment of cabs to customers.

Debt Recovery Platform - Turkey

This platform enables debt recovery agents to track and update status of debts in real time.

Arpico Super Centre

This app enables customers to place orders online with one of the largest supermarket chains in Sri Lanka

1990 Ambulance Service

A mobile app is developed to transmit the exact GPS location when a patient requests emergency use of 1990 Ambulance Service.

Food Delivery Platform - Vietnam

This product is Ideal for supermarkets, online stores, e-commerce to dispatch & track status delivery status of goods in real time.

VOIP Call Centre
Based on VICIDIAL, the call centre supports hundreds of agents via SIP based trunks
SKiT - Japan
This IoT integrated web dashboard and mobile app shows real time data captured from IoT devices related to healthcare.
IoT Device to Monitor Heart Pulse - Japan

This IoT device transmits heart pulses to a mobile app in real time and triggers alarms if anomalies are detected.

TV App - for Android and Apple TV - Australia

Internet-based TV app developed on native Android and iOS platforms to support Android and Apple TV devices.

IoT for Measuring Variable Health Parameters

Blood pressure, temperature and heart rate are monitored in real time to transmit to a central location.

AI-based Search in Image Databases - S.Korea

Searching for matching content in large image databases using Machine Learning Principles.

How we work


To be the leader in mobile application development providing trusted services, customer relationship and profitable.


To uphold customer trust by providing quality and enhanced service.


To use innovations and advanced mobile technologies to provide long term solutions that are tailor-made to customer needs and expectations


To increase customer base ■ To expand the services to the entire world ■ To build a strong reputation in mobile and web application development


We offer flexible payment plans for your software projects which include either one-time or pay-as-you-go. We also provide hosting and software maintenance service for projects that we develop to establish a trusted long-term relationship with our clients.


Lakmobile is selected by Arpico Super Centre, one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, to implement a mobile app in native Android and iOS that will facilitate its customers to order items online with ease.


Key Team Members

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Yasura Lakshitha


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Thuresh Wimlakeerthi


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Supun Sandaruwan

Tech Lead

Image Description
Lahiru Lakshan

Software Engineer - Frontend, React

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Dhanushka Silva

Software Engineer - Android,Flutter

Image Description
Damith Edirisinghe

Backend, Java, PHP

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Ranjula Wijesinghe

Backend - Java, Spring

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Geeth Chathuranga

QA Engineer

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Nalin Rajasinghe

UI/UX Engineer




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